About our Stickers

Our sticker collection has a HUGE variaty of stickers. We started as a hand drawn shop with our pink haired Penny character but recently, we have been purchasing art from other artists and expanding our collection furthermore.

Our sticker sheets vary from character sheets, scripts, journaling sheets and full kits.

You can purchase monthly kits for A5W, A5, B6 and penny planners. The newest format for our sticker sheets are composed of 6 pages. Each kit also has the option of a deluxe kit which includes two extra pages, the journaling pages. The 6 page kit includes a full box sheet (size of the boxes will change to fit in the different size planners), a washi and date covers page, appointment boxes page, scripts page, a grid and cloud boxes page and lastly a headers and glitter page.

Our sticker sheets are all printed on premium weatherproof sticker paper (unicorn paper).