A5 Wide Less than Perfect Planners
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A5 Wide Less than Perfect Planners

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**These planners all have imperfections and have been discounted to reflect the condition**
Planners will arrive unpunched and without a cover unless you ask for it to be punched.  You can pay an extra fee to have it bound with a coil / disc and cover of your choice. 

W- Weekly ( 12 month planner )
DJ - Daily with Journaling ( 6 month planner )
BP - Be Productive Daily ( 6 month planner )

 BP - 001
Discbound with the Hanging plants cover.  The punch is punched too close to the printed area. UNDATED

BP - 002
July 2021 - Dec 2021.  Punch went too far to the bottom of the page. Coiled with the Roar cover.

BP - 003 
Coiled with handing plants cover.  Cut too close to the bottom.

BP - 004-006
Out dated planners. No flaws. July 2021 - Dec 2021. 

DJ - 001-007
Out dated planners.  July 2021- Dec 2021.  These are all coiled planners with a random cover that I had in stock.